Networking in Stafford


We build robust, scalable business networks to ensure your business runs as fast as possible & so that it’s data is kept secure & encrypted.

Working from home is not a issue, we leverage secure VPN’s & cloud computing to enable you to work from anywhere.

We offer the best in wired & wireless networks as well as fibre & 4G connectivity. Providing our networking services throughout Stafford and the UK.

Cloud Services from Business Guys IT

Centralise your companies data, stored safely and securely for maximum productivity in your business.

Business level networking routers, switches, access points, data cabling and professional wireless solutions.

Just some of the ways that we can build a solid computer network installation infrastructure.

We have installed, consulted on and we manage a wide variety of networks in Stafford for our clients and businesses in the area.

Networking from Business Guys IT

Computer network installation

Our main aim is to give your business the network infrastructure it needs to function as efficiently as possible.

A fast reliable network is essential for any business to work.

Networking brings amazing useful features such as bringing all your data together, sharing of printers, secure backup of data and much more.

Latest in networking hardware

We will design and install your business network, including the latest routers, switches, patch panels, data cabinets and firewalls.

Our networks are built with the latest standards in mind, giving you the performance that’s needed.

Our networking expertise allows you to carry voice (VOIP) and data over the same network with speeds up to 10 gigabits per second.

Wireless computer network installation

With the rise of mobile devices the demand on WiFi networks has greatly increased, we are experts and provide robust wireless networking for you.

Large offices and multiple buildings are no problem, we can design solutions to blanket your whole business with fast, reliable multi band WiFi.

Network security

Network security is critical, locking down your network is key to keeping it safe and secure.

Strong passwords, firewalls, device filtering and physical access is all considered when planning your network.

Don’t leave your network unsecured, lock it down!

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